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sanctuary chaiI used to make my own chai, but that was pre-kids… For years I have sought a chai that suits my tastebuds – robust spices perfectly balanced with just a touch of sweetness. Most chais on the market are like mildly spiced lollipops. But, about four months ago I stumbled upon what I think is the best chai. The company is called Sanctuary Chai. Quite simply, their chai is perfect.  Unlike other chai on the market – both local and national brands – Sanctuary Chai is not afraid to use spices and not afraid to keep the chai lightly sweetened.

The company is also committed to sourcing their ingredients using sustainable practices. As they state on their website, “Bypassing traditional market and commodity exchanges, Sanctuary Chai pays a premium to the growers that would normally be filtered out through middlemen and brokers – allowing for growers to invest in their land, communities, and into the quality of their spices.”  In addition, they sell their chai in a concentrate form, which means less packaging waste.

Unfortunately, it’s not easily found — yet! I have a feeling that once others start to recognize the hiqh quality of this chai that we will soon see it everywhere.

Check out their website to see if you can find it near you:

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  1. Have you tried Bhakti chai? From your description, it sounds like something you’d like.

    barefootmeg | Aug 23, 2010 | Reply

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