Squeak Soda Shop.

Recently, I was in the mood for something sweet and I remembered that there was this unique little shop close to where we live in Colorado Springs.  It’s called Squeak Soda Shop .  After I picked out the type of sweet that I wanted, I had a brief conversation with owner Joey Suntken and it was when I decided that I should ask to come back another day to take some photographs.

Wii gaming system and board games!

When we moved to Colorado Springs in the summer of 2009, we decided to see what the surrounding areas of our neighborhood had.  We stumbled upon Squeak Soda Shop and got a couple of rootbeer floats.  I didn’t realize then that Squeak Soda Shop had also opened around the same time we moved here.  I had been back perhaps 1-2 more times after that, but that’s about it.

Joey Suntken was kind enough to open the shop early so that I could come and take some photographs.  As soon as you walk into Squeak Soda Shop, it feels like you are in another world.  The hand painted artwork on the walls, featuring various Colorado Springs landmarks, are absolutely whimsical and beautiful.  This adds to the experience because Joey makes it clear that his shop is for kids of all ages and that no grumpiness is allowed!

Trust me, it’s a bit difficult to be in a bad mood at Squeak Soda Shop.

There’s a wall with jars of various candies you can buy by the pound and pre-packaged classic candies as well.

They make their own custom sodas and their list of flavors is a little overwhelming… but in a good way!

They also bottle their sodas and what I like about that is that if you have a special occasion, not only can they make a flavor but also a custom label for you.  I think that’s a great idea if you want people to remember your party!

Joey offered to prepare a few things from the menu for me to photograph, and also taste, and I felt like… well… a kid in the candy store!

The first treat that he prepared was an ice cream float.  I think we both agreed that it should be something super fun, bubble gum flavor it was!

Next up was shaved ice with flavored syrups.  We made shaved ice at home quite often when I was growing up, so this brought a huge smile to my face!

Next up, ice cream cone! Joey asked me which flavors I wanted and I picked two that I wouldn’t normally have.  But this wasn’t a normal occasion, so I chose pink cotton candy and cookies & cream.

Both were delicious, yes… even the cotton candy flavor! Squeak Soda Shop doesn’t make their own ice cream, but Joey tells me that he gets it from a Colorado creamery.  It’s definitely a quality product and I’ll be getting my ice cream fix from here when I don’t want to drive too far!

There’s also a savory menu with typical comfort items such as hot dogs, grilled cheese, fresh pop corn, hot pretzels, quesadillas, and there’s also a few panini options.  Joey prepared the California Melt for me, which is Mesquite-grilled chicken breast, mozzarella, homemade avocado-ranch dressing, Roma tomatoes and bacon on sourdough.  Tasty and satisfying! Especially after having so many lovely sweet treats!

So if you live in Colorado Springs, or if you find yourself here one day, Squeak Soda Shop is a place that shouldn’t be passed up! It is sure to put a big smile on your face.

Visit their website for more information! Also, please visit my photoblog if you would like to see more photos.

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  1. Thanks for the tour! I have Groupon that I need to spend there, and this post made me even more excited to use it. I had no idea it was so colorful inside!

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