By Annie Brown

Newly opened Tiffins is filling a much needed gap in the Boulder food scene – vegetarian Indian street food (read: very affordable and yummy!). It’s located next to the now empty Blockbuster just off Folsom and Arapahoe at 2416 Arapahoe.

Specializing in vegetarian street food from southern India, Tiffins offers up regional delights such as Masala Dosa – a crepe-like pancake filled with perfectly seasoned potatoes and onion sabji and Samosa Chat – two samosas topped with a savory chickpea sauce, onions and cilantro. The Samosa Chat is Indian comfort food at its finest – it’s the type of thing you eat and while you are taking your last bite you are already plotting when you can come back and get it again. They also have Chole Puri (garbanzo bean dish), Pav Bhaji (potato and cauliflower), Vada Pav (potato fritters), and both puri and roti bread. While dining, the owner came by and gave everyone in the restaurant a sample size of his homemade Sambar soup which was nearly devoured by my almost 13-year old daughter. She declared it the best and most interesting soup she has ever had.

Don’t forget to check out the specials, too. We had a delicately prepared okra dish which although wasn’t exactly filling, was intensely flavorful. They are so new that the freshly painted grey walls are still completely art free, but don’t let that stop you from sitting and savoring all of the incredible delights of Tiffins. And, do note, they are adding gluten free and vegan options, as well as continuing to expand the menu in general.

They also carry “Thums Up” – a Coke product directly imported from India. While dining a woman from India came in and shrieked, “Look! They have Thums Up!” I looked at my husband and smiled, because that sentiment alone seemed to sum up the entire experience at Tiffins!

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  1. Awesome! Since Mij Bani closed so many years ago we have been really missing Masala Dosas!

    boulderfoodie | Aug 25, 2011 | Reply

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